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Our Solutions Philosophy...

At 3line, we believe strongly that that every client is unique in needs, expectations, ideologies, aspirations, orientation, policies, objectives and approach to solving problems; that is why we develop and deploy solutions according the desires of each client in relation to the needs to met.

With our expertise and depth of resource in using technology to meet individual and corporate needs in the electronic business space, we have developed solutions that surpass your expectations the way we understand them with provisions to deploy them the way you desire.

Our solutions speak chiefly to your individual and corporate needs without shutting out any groups of needs you may yet express.

Gravity Agent Banking™

Break the brick and mortar approach to banking and take your banking services to where the transacting mass can be found. 

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Corporate Solutions

Our corporate solutions consist of collection, funds disbursement, expense management and bill payments. Corporates are able to use a single platfor to achieve these objectives.

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The complete Value added service (VAS) transaction processing platform that allows bill payment, airtime, collections and disbursement.

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Talo Social Banking

Talo Social Banking is a virtual assistance built on our robust artificial intelligence platform. 

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Individual Solutions

Gifting Service

Make that special occasion memorable.  Let us help you put your thoughts and emotions on a card for that special someone on their Anniversary  Graduation  Birthday  Wedding  Any occasion you/they deem special . Why not begin by designing one for yourself?

The Domestics

In every household exist domestic payment needs ranging from just import to urgent in the daily routines. Take advantage of our Domestic FreedomCard™ Prepaid service where you can request for FreedomCard™ cards for you and your domestics. 


The FreedomCard™ is a multipurpose EMV chip & PIN payment card that gives you unsurpassed value in making payments and withdrawals across Nigeria. It is the most secure card in Nigeria designed to suit your lifestyle irrespective of where you live – rural or urban. It is available as a debit card and as a prepaid card. 

Financial Institutions

Agent Banking

The Gravity Agent Banking solution is a complete framework of international financial services and security standards fully adapted to the peculiarities of the local markets. GABS takes away all your known worries and more about agent banking, and gives you seamless access to the banking targets. 

The FreedomCard (Debit & Prepaid Card Issuing)

The FreedomCard is an EMV chip + PIN multipurpose payment card accepted for payments and more across all channels (ATM, POS, Web, Mobile, mPOS, Kiosk). 

Branchless Banking

Our branchless banking platform helps you do more than banking through agents. It empowers the agents to do more than offer light banking services, but allows the agents perform some bigger functions like loan process for client away from the bank branch


The complete e-commerce platform that enables you (regardless of the type of financial institution) to offer to your customers such services as  Funds transfers of all types across all banks Bill payments Telephone recharge  Donations .

Financial Inclusion

You can end the nightmares on financial inclusion! Give your business the big edge of using the market-fit solutions to tap into the financial world of the under-banked/unbanked without the challenges of culture shock in the market; the attendant risks of the informal sector; heavy capital investments in technology.

Social Banking

With the 3line Social Banking Solution, you will be able to  Make your desired services (account opening, balance enquiry, funds transfers, bill payments, etc) available to your customers across social media platforms of your choice .

Transaction Switching & Processing Infrastructure

3line’s PICDSS compliant payment infrastructure is reliable, secure, and scalable for processing and switching electronic transactions across diverse institutions and environments; delivering superior customer experience at multiple payment channels within our network and other third party networks and applications.


The Corporate Expense Management Solution

The corporate expense management solution gives you a 360 degree view and control of your expense activities of your organisation, bringing convenience and efficiency to staff and operations for superior productivity.

The Client Lifestyle Loyalty Solution

This solution offers you the ability to issue Client Lifestyle Cards to your customers for payment purposes across your chain of outlets, with the flexibility using pseudo or regular currency, while the client maintains a funded position with you periodically.

Education Solutions

The Freedom Campus Solution

Our Freedom Campus Solution transforms the school environment into a smart one ensuring unrivaled experience for students, alumni, lecturers, retail outlets, management & staff of the school. This solution is adaptable to all types of educational institution – universities, polytechnics, colleges of education, technical college, secondary schools


The E-Gov Solution

The E-Gov Solution is a complete solution that addresses all the concerns of a good government along the functional areas from planning through execution in the Ministries, Departments, Agencies (MDAs). 


Without adequate funding, government cannot function. The E-Gov Solution helps streamline & automate processes for revenue collection, shutting our leakages and making it convenient for the citizens to pay tax through the multiple channels/touchpoints available in both rural and urban areas. 

Citizens Identity Management

This component of E-Gov Solution ensures issuance of the multipurpose FreedomCard to the citizens as ID cards. It stores the citizens’ information and biometric data, occupational data, and other profile information of the citizenry which provides government with adequate data for effective planning. The citizens card then becomes a tool for accessing government services such as  Healthcare Social benefits Pension Education funds Scheme grants

Funds Disbursement

The E-Gov Solution also helps the government with an efficient and transparent platform for disbursing funds Salary payments Payments to contractors  Grants  Education funds


The 3line Transport Solution

The 3line Automated Transport Solution is an end to end solution that leverages our robust payment infrastructure to give you a 360 degree view of the flow of transactions at each touchpoint; make ticketing & payment collections stress-free for the ticketing officers; deliver superior customer experience for commuters with speed of service.

Religious Organisations

Religion is one of the most important part of the human life, hence the need to give it the right attention. This is the reason we have developed a Religious Management Framework upon which the divergent ideas of the different religions and denominations can be implemented in a customised fashion, thus you are able to manage your organisations per rites and preferences of members of your faith.

The Smart Church Solution

Our Smart Church Solution is a church management solution that manages the routine activities involved in the running of the church bringing into focus the desired interactive experience for the church and interested public.


Leverage our telecoms solutions to give your teaming subscribers convenient access to your bouquet of services on their preferred channels.  Conveniently disburse funds, monitor transactions, and reconcile your operating financial positions.
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Bespoke Solutions

Today’s business is always evolving with new ideas and opportunities, and dynamic customer preferences. This is why we have developed a framework for developing bespoke solutions for the market.

This framework makes it possible for us to birth your news ideas using technology, providing the requisite application and interaction programmes for delivery.

Let us discuss your new business idea and we will work with you on how best to birth it with technology. You need not conform, you can standout or be a first mover with an uncommon edge.

Got an idea? 

Let’s use technology to birth it