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Transaction Processing & Switching

3line’s PCIDSS compliant payment infrastructure is reliable, secure, and scalable for processing and switching electronic transactions across diverse institutions and environments.

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Systems Integration

An array of business considerations now favours partnerships and integration of platforms as against investing in many separate systems to drive businesses.

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Bespoke Solutions

Today’s business is always evolving with new ideas and opportunities, and dynamic customer preferences. This is why we have developed a framework for developing bespoke solutions for the market.

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ATM Services

One of the most active touch points in the e-payment industry is the ATM as it gives cardholders easy access to cash round the clock as well as other services like funds transfers, telephone recharge, bill payments, donations.

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To be successful in using technology to power your business, you require adequate knowledge & skills in electronic business management. Our expert training services fill this gap for you.

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