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At 3Line, we process transactions for banks that have signed up under the network. We pioneered the inclusion of value added services on Point of Sale Terminals. Part of our trail blazing efforts include mobilization of deposits, withdrawals of cash and transfer of funds outside a bank branch, through a Point of Sale Terminals (POS and using merchants that are known and trusted in a community. We have succeeded in creating banks out of individuals by ensuring they are capable of offering light banking services to people at affordable rates. Settlement reporting is also another area that we really simplified for our participating banks. All the needed reports for seamless settlement processes have been fully automated so much so that it has become a pick and post thing for our participating banks. We also provide assisted float reconciliation services to our participating banks and this has made float reconciliation that was hitherto seen as irreconcilable to be a piece of cake! We have also designed various transaction types that are targeted at including cardholders and non-cardholders alike to perform transactions through our platform. So, whether you have cash or card, freedom network is available to you while also preparing you to pick up a Freedom Card in order to enjoy true Freedom. It is our candid opinion that financial inclusion for the populace can only be achieved when customers are made to see the benefits by having the freedom to try out different payment options available at anytime.

Training Services 3Line also mandates her Transaction Processing Unit to offer in-depth settlement and reconciliation training programmes to her clients. This cuts across merchants and participating banks. The training programmes ensure all stakeholders have exhaustive understanding of what is required to be able to handle transactions reports and reconciliation of their books with effortless ease. 3line also offers settlement and reconciliation training and advice to participants beyond her immediate scheme. 3Line has invested heavily in her training facility by ensuring capable personnel are productively mobilized and rewarded to be able to provide the needed training support to clients at all times.


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