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The electronic account reference verification system (eReference) software is a web-based information system developed partnership with Gridworx System Strategies Limited. The primary objective of the software is to put in place a standard operating procedures for the verification of account reference forms during account opening for current accounts (individual, NGOs and corporate) and other special accounts that require referencing. In addition, it was developed to provide a functional software platform that will enable shared services among banks and also significantly information management. This is in line with the CBN strategy of implementing a robust shared service infrastructure among banks. EAVES has been designed as a cost and time effective method of verifying account references among banks. The platform reduces the cost of account reference verification by up to an average of 75%. Current Account opening can be completed within a day as verification is done online among banks through the secured EAVES portal. It creates an efficient way of administering, managing and monitoring account reference verification. The product has been designed and developed to meet the regulatory guidelines as stated by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). The need for this product arose from the unnecessary long time it takes for accounts to be fully operational due to delay in response from counter party banks to reference requests. There had been cases where banks tactfully refuse to respond to reference requests to undermine competition and woo customers. Other benefits accruable include

? Reduction in operational and procedural redundancies
? Inconsistencies in account reference and tracking will be avoided
? Data integrity will be safeguarded
? Improvement in bank/client satisfaction
? Provides accurate, timely, complete, up-to-date data/information of reference status
? Processes large volume of data and retrieve information quickly and as at when needed
? Improves internal and external communication control


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