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 Card Personalization Service

Smart card personalization is a complex process which involves handling highly sensitive data. A well defined and dedicated procedure is compulsory to ensure success. This involves a complete infrastructure, organization, equipment and professional expertise. 3Line has in-conjunction with Gemalto provided a solution to deliver a robust Data Preparation, Smart card Encoding and Personalization system to meet the needs of our market. We have also installed high speed modern personalization equipments to withstand our growing environmental demands for high volume production which is geared toward delivering and surpassing customers expectations. We realize the importance of security, we have implemented both physical and logical security standards in order to handle all client data, card stock and PIN production as required by VISA.
Our centre can handle small, medium, and bulk card orders. To find out more or get pricing, please send us an email or call our customer service centre.

Card Personalization options include: Chip and Magnetic Stripe Encoding - Card Body Embossing / Indenting.
Card Printing Service
We make use of the Thermal Transfer and Re-transfer method of printing. This guarantees that our customers have the best quality edge to edge and over the edge printing in the market with unrivaled colour quality.

Card Graphics Design service
Let our in-house professional graphic design team offer you designs and branding support, helping you bring your thoughts to life using vibrant, innovative and stunning designs and motifs. With the latest printing techniques, the flexibility of this service gives you the freedom to segment your customer base according to lifestyle, age, gender and even personality, creating a different artwork to reflect each theme.


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Card Personalization Service
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