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 Biometric Enrollment

Our enrolment application is customizable to meet the client's requirement. The application will be customized following the steps below:
1.Analysis of the system requirements; determining the enrolment system requirement,
2.Documentation of the specifications; specifying the enrolment application capabilities,
3.Customization of application; designing how the application would capture individuals records,
4.Implementation and testing ,
5.Go live. The system as standard will capture the specified biodata, fingerprint, signature and other details as required by the client.
The built in security of the enrollment application has the following features

-User login
-Audit trail (to track who did what and when)
-Duplicate login check
-Access Level Control

Biometric Enrollment Database and Identity Management System
This process enables consolidation of data from different enrolment stations onto a central database, and implementation of an identity management system based on the consolidated database. The consolidation exercise will result in the creation of a central database for all enrolment information that was captured on the field. The consolidated database will be run through an Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) to identify any duplicate enrolments, using N:N fingerprint matching. The resulting clean database will be used to set up a central real-time identity management system.


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