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 We operate a comprehensive Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) network, card issuance system and transaction authorization centre in Nigeria. Our State of the art infrastructure allows us to achieve our baseline business goals which are:
- Issuing and life cycle management of pre-authorized debit chip card products
- Provide a centralized system for on line transaction authentication and authorization, both from member banks device networks (ON US scenario) and from other networks (NOT ON US scenario)
- Processing, Settlement and clearing for member banks based on financial transactions with our cards.
- Further extension of card products portfolio, offering different schemes based on debit, offline, pre-paid and loyalty programs. Our cards can be used on all electronic payment channels - ATM and EFTPOS, internet banking, PC banking, PDA devices, kiosks, etc. Freedom card? is has features of an e-purse based on the pre-authorized debit concept (PAD). It is rechargeable, meaning that additional funds can be deposited on the card account. Freedom card complies with EMV2 specification (Europay, MasterCard, Visa). Our System Architecture is based on Arius software products:
- ASoft Point Of Sale application (ASoftPOS)
- ASoft Terminal Management System (ASoftTMS)
- ASoft Card Management Solution (ASoftCMS)
- ASoft On Line Authorization System (ASoftOnline)
- ASoft Main Processing (ASoftMP)
- ASoft Data Preparation for Personalization (ASoftPP)
- Gemalto personalization System for chip cards


Banking Solutions

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